Monday, November 8, 2010

What a lovely weekend.

Warning, this will be majorly picture heavy. 

So this past week was kinda sucky. Like reaaaally kinda sucky. 
Thankfully though, I had a relaxing weekend to recuperate! 
I really wish the weekend didn't have to end!
Alas, back to work. 

So Aric and I got to spend a lot of time together this weekend just kinda exploring and having fun in the autumn weather!

On to the pictures! 
I love kitties in the early morning sun. 

I'm glad my fiance plays on the playground with me :) 
We're going to have happy kids. 

Mmmm autumn. 


Many epic jumping photos took place this weekend. 

Favorite photo ever. 

Second favorite photo ever. 

This road was so creepy. There were random abandoned trucks on the side of the road and scary rednecks lurking in the trees with crossbows. So. Scary. I felt like I was in a zombie movie. We went down this road on accident and went forever and there was no where to turn around. Yikes. 

What did you guys do this weekend? Does it feel like autumn where you live??


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