Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Face of the day//I have the coolest friends.

Seriously, I do have the coolest friends. I feel like I always go on adventures when I'm with them! Mostly because I do. 

Yesterday I went with my friend Ashley to go take some photos and adventure around. We ended up at this.. well... I don't really know what it was, but its by a railroad and is pretty darn cool. Here's some of my favorite photos of the day! 


So today I woke up seriously wanting to be like the person version of Hello Kitty and here's what happened! 

Polyester Bride-Urban Decay
All others: Icing eyeshadow pallet

Red liner with revlon light icy pink over top. 

Now off to teach my childrens and draw some more! 


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Theatre camp is over, and thus begins Animation camp. 

Its kinda scary because we're almost halfway through the first of two weeks of camp which means that the three next big things in my life after this is over is approaching verrrrry quickly. Those being 1) school starting back up (taking two animation classes this semester!! yes!!), 2) Birthday weekend/moving Aric into the apartment, 3)Wedding!!

Woaaaah. Married soon. 
But yeah yay Animation camp! It just means I have a lot of time to draw! Case and point, yesterday's finished project:


Anyway... that's all for now. Enjoy some art haha. 


Thursday, July 7, 2011

I am SO tired right now its a little stupid. 
I'm not much of a "stay-out-late" person... mostly because I wake up at 5:45am so the last few nights have been rough since I've been staying out with friends/coworkers after we get out of rehearsals at 10:00pm. I've been getting home at like 12 or later. Sooo darn tired. 

I colored my hair on tuesday, its a super bright red and I'm kinda loving it. I put orange highlights in the front, but since its the same darkness as the rest of the red you can basically only tell its a different color, not that they're highlights. People keep asking me about it and saying they like it though, so thats a good sign, right?

sad naturalish weird red-brown

annnd after:
fun! (see the random orange chunks?)

Also that ghastly tan I had has officially gone away. YES. Good thing I didn't buy new makeup... 

Also I've realized that I get married pretty darn soon. Something like 3 months and 2 days. Thats practically right around the corner. School starts in a month and a half and after that the days will fly by. Weird!!! Aric moves into our new apartment my birthday weekend, so that's only like two months away too. Straaaange! 

I think thats it for now! 
Bye kitties!!! 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July! 

I sit writing this in the theatre watching rehearsals of Seussical the Musical Jr. (the camp production this year) and listening to an insane storm outside. Yikes. Poor people wanting to watch fireworks.... hopefully it'll clear up in a bit! Our rehearsal goes until 10pm tonight so... no fireworks for us! Oh well. At least I'm with lots of people I like! Always a plus!! 

We did looooots of shopping for the house this weekend. We got a love seat and a AWESOME coffee table. I've never been the hugest coffee table fan, but oh my gosh I'm in love. Its an antique industrial cart used in factories the early 1900s, I don't have a picture of it on my computer and I don't have the cable for my camera, BUT its the same exact table as one at Restoration Hardware (for $700 more than we payed, mind you.) so... yeah I can show you their pro photo of it! 

Super cute, right??? Love it! Its heavy as an elephant but... whatever. Who really gives a darn. 

I've noticed I've become super un-clothes-shoppy lately, I think mostly because a) its summer and b) i hate summer clothes. Because of this I've decided to put some money away to get a new wardrobe for fall. I've been eyeing some pretty things and I've decided its more important for me to pay better money and have good quality stuff than to shop allllll the timeeeee. 

Alsoooo, I got a new pinkage wig, its long and black and amazing. In love. I'll post pictures of it soon for sure. 

What did you do this weekend??