About me

Well its time to answer your burning question, are you ready?

Who is Ash?
I feel the need to make a page
like this because I know
I tend to write as if everyone
knows who I am already.
Well, I'm a theatre student
with a passion for the circus,
halloween, drawing, and photography. 
I love to try to find the beauty
in things that aren't typically "pretty". 
I love crafting, I love D.I.Y. projects,
I love sewing (though I'm not very good at it
yet.) and I'm pretty sure I have a fabric addiction.
(I inherited this from my mother. Its a terrible disease.)
I currently have 5 piercings, though I'm sure that will
change soon, and no tattoos yet because... I want a hip
tattoo and I want babies so... I'm going to wait on that
one. My hair color is always changing, in fact, its not
even the same color as the picture below. I've been every
shade of red ever, including parkingcone orange. I plan
on changing again soon, and probably soon after that branching
out of red. Sounds like a plan. I'm feeling periwinkle and robin's
egg blue next. That's what I'm hoping for anyway.
I only way aviators or heart shaped glasses.
I love cats, I have three at the moment. I will be
a crazy cat lady one day. I just know it.
Also, I'm planning on running away to the circus.
For real.