Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Hey look I'm posting before I go to Japan! 
I'm doing so good. 
Anyway, I'm excited (obviously) about Halloween. 
Clearly my love of all things spooky isn't evident thanks to my blog title. Oh the lies. 
So it's "that time of year" again. The "lets figure out what we're going to be for halloween this year" time. 
I'm kinda feeling being a witch. I've never been one before, and last year's tribute to old school halloween costumes (I was a black cat. I'll try to find pictures....) makes me want to keep this thing up. 
So... I already have the hat, I have some rocking shoes that can't be worn out much (the ones i posted about earlier in the month) and legwarmers, and ripped tights so... I guess I just need to make myself a dress. 

(all images from weheartit )
Last one is my favorite :)

Do you celebrate halloween? 
If you do, what do you want to be this year?


Monday, September 27, 2010

Japan and such.

So I'm posting this now in case I become a slacker and don't post before Saturday. 
On Saturday I'm going to be flying from here to Washington D.C. to Tokyo/Narita airport!! I'm super excited. I know the trip is going to be "go, go, go" the whole time I'm there, but I'm WAY excited. I think I'm going to get a lot of my Christmas shopping done while I'm there and I'm going to be on the look-out for wedding shoes and engagement photo outfits. (And clothes for the Aric-guy.) 

On to wedding stuff!
We're working on venues and stuff right now. And can I just say how much it helps to have a mom that's a certified wedding planner? Yeah. So much help. Especially since I'm in school and working right now and don't really have a lot of time to go on the hunt for things. Thank you Mom for being an awesome designer/wedding planner!!!!! 

My Grandma has been sending me photos of her wedding and my great-grandma's wedding and gosh I have some pretty ladies in my family!!! 

Grandma and Grandpa :) How cute were they? Oh my gosh. 

I guess that's it for now! I'll try to post before I go, but if I don't I'll see you somewhere halfway through October!! 

Friday, September 24, 2010

Engagement parties and things of the like.

I'm writing this as I sit here with a trash bag on my head wearing nasty old clothes and hoping to not have chef boyardee colored stains on my face. Ah the joys of at home hair coloring. 

So, as the title says we had an engagement party thrown for us by one of the BFFs, Tianna. (She's super cool, you guys would love her.) We had so much fun, we ate yummy stuffed shells Tianna made and played an awkward couple questionnaire game and apples to apples (oh my gosh i love that game. especially with my group of friends. oh hilarity.) 

SO the following are pictures/explanations of the night's events. 

Reeses, the puppy/wizard. 

Aric's new short hair!! I have such a cute fiance. 

Can you tell that we're both half asleep? haha



Okay, so... I have to go wash this gunk out of my hair and hope its the right color and then I'm off to meet with the lighting guy for our wedding, blow a bunch of money at steinmart (a.k.a. my best kept secret), go pick my car up, go to dinner, and then its off to poetry night at our local cafe!!

Also guys, thanks so much for your kinda comments! I read them all and they mean a lot to me! I should start replying to them, huh? lol oops... 


p.s. I leave for Japan a week from tomorrow!! Exciting! 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I said yes to the dress.

Seriously I did. 
I can honestly say I had no intentions of buying a wedding dress yesterday. 
I had every intention of having a corset custom made and making a skirt to go along with it but... as the fates would have it, that isn't going to happen. On essentially a whim my mom and I drove almost an hour out of town to go to a bridal salon, we got there and they were all booked except for one appointment, which we took. I tried on layers and layers of puff and fluff because my "go to" silhouette is the ball gown since I'm a curvy girl, and I can honestly tell you I really liked all the dresses I tried on, but there was at least one thing wrong with each. One wasn't the right shaped top, one was too puffy, was was too short blah blah blah. On another whim we decided to change up the silhouette of the dress and get rid of all the tulle.

The bridal consultant brought me two dresses to try. The first was strapless and all lace. It was super form fitting and straight. It was really pretty, but it just wasn't right. The last dress I tried on was perfect. PERFECT. It fit close to my body and showed my curves, it had the right neckline, the back of it was amazing, and it had a pretty train. (You don't get to know more than that until the wedding day. Sorry guys...blame Aric for reading my blog.) I didn't want to take this thing off. We had budgeted about $1000 for a dress, alterations and all so I'm not going to lie I was a little nervous at the price but guess what? $545. Yeah. Accidental bargain hunting for the win!!! 

Ugh guys I love this dress so much. I can't wait to wear it on the big day!!!

Guess what else happened yesterday? Aric chopped off all his hair!! I'm sad its all gone, but he looks so super cute with his hair that short. I'll post a picture soon. He's a total hottie. What else happened yesterday you ask? Well, I got my ears triple pierced (thank you Aric!!) as a birthday present, and I went non-vegetarian. I'm kinda sad to do it, but I want to loose weight and its easiest to do that if you can eat meat proteins. Plus I'm going to Japan in a little under two weeks so.... yeah. I'm not going to lie though, my first non-veg meal gave me a major tummy ache. Boo. :'(

Bye bye for now. I need to go make myself some of the stuff in the picture above haha. Today is going to be a loooong day. Mommy and I are going to two bridal shows. In one day. Oh gosh! 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wedding update act 1 scene 1.

Hey guys! So I thought I'd just leave a little update on how things are going with the wedding planning!
Yeah, we've started already, oh gosh! BUT, we have about a year and a month and with my being in school and working and Aric being in school and working, and both of us working over the summer and then me going back to school in fall (Aric graduates this spring so he doesn't have to. Yay!) we kinda need to start now so we don't fall behind and we don't have to panic too much. 

Right now we're looking at venues, I'm totally in love with one, its our contemporary art center and its BEAUTIFUL. Words cannot express. Seriously, I'm MAAAAJORLY crossing my fingers on that one. And we're looking at 3 other venues that I almost care about haha. We're meeting with the contemporary art center on Friday morning about the facilities and such so... cross your finger friends!! 

We're starting to look at dresses and things, but I can't tell you anything about that because Aric reads my blog. Sorry guys!! It'll be a surprise to you too though! (And surprises are good, right??) But I can tell you its going to be epic. I have lots of ideas for this... 

Mom, Aric and I are meeting Friday night to go over budget and talk about ideas and stuff, so I'm looking forward to that. Aric's so cute, he's all excited about planning. I think he has our whole honeymoon planned out already, he's just waiting for when they let him book it all. He's excited about the actual wedding planning too, he even left class an hour early last night to come over and look at wedding magazines. Oh that boy... what a cutie. 

Lets see... I'm trying to think of if i have any other wedding updates for you... hum... well.. OH! We have an engagement party planned for monday night at our friends Tianna and Andrew's house, so I'm way excited about that, and we have another one planned for October 30th with our family. And on Oct 22, a day after our anniversary, we're having autumny themed engagement photos taken by a very talented local photographer. They're going to be epic. Just wait and see... 

In other news, I go to Japan in like... two weeks from Saturday. Super exciting! And today is payday and I have one more before I go which means I'll have monies for clothes!!!! YAY!!

I probably ought to stop blogging since I'm in class... oops. 
I'll post again soon to give you more updates on our big day!!
But for now (mostly because I can't justify not posting any photos in a post) , look I'm engaged:

 xoxoxoxo love you guys thanks for all the warm well wishes!!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

LIFE CHANGING NEWS a.k.a. I'm getting married.

Okay guys, so... 
remember how I said that I was probably going to have big news soon? 
Well its time for the unveiling!!!! (though if you read the title you can probably guess it. 
I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh. So excited!!!!!!

Aric proposed to me at 12:00am September 11. 
Despite that being possibly the least romantic day in American History, it has become the most romantic day EVER. Well... to me anyway. 

So, on to the story! It all started Friday September 10th.... 
I went over to Aric's family's house for a birthday get together (my b-day is the 12th), we went to Bean There Cafe (our favorite local coffee place) for coffee, tea, and poetry, and then we walked around the downtown area. It was awesome, it was almost totally deserted. I think we came in contact with like.... 5 people tops within the period of like 2 hours. It was AWESOME. We took some photos, and then we sat out on a bench overlooking the water. The city lights were sparkling in the water, it was deserted, and there was a nice cool breeze in the air. It was perfect. He leaned over kissed me, pulled out the ring, went down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

I obviously said yes after spazzing. 

Oh gosh I am so in love with this ring its insane. Its like... my dream ring! 

So I'm now engaged to be married! (Oh! And I'm now 20 years old) That means expect lots and lots of spooktastical wedding updates! 

Speaking of which, my mom and I are going to chronicle the adventure of planning this thing via blogger, so head over here if you're interested!

Bye for now!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Oh crepes. 
Crepes are nomtastic. 
I want crepes. 

Seriously guys, lets revel in the glory that is "crepe". 


Okay, so I've been working and at school all day, so I'm hungry but... seriously, crepes are on the top of my "what i want to eat right now" list. 

Aric and I found a crepery (is that even the right word???) near us a few weeks back and um... AMAZING. Seriously, best crepes I've had in a looooong time. I want some. Right now. I think I get to have some for my birthday, yay!!! 

Speaking of my birthday!!! This is like... the most birthday celebration I've had in a long time. Today my friend Jess gave me these AMAZING hello kitty hair clips. I'm in love with them for real. Tomorrow I'm going to Aric's house for a birthday celebration with his parents and grandparents and maybe his brother, then we're going to our favorite coffee house for poetry night (yay!!!) and then on Saturday we're going to Williamburg to hang out and celebrate, and then Sunday (my actual birthday) I get to celebrate with Aric and my mom. 

It's going to be good. 
I'm looking forward to this weekend.
And those crepes. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Outifts for Japan

Kay, so I promised you outfit doodles, so here they are. 
(In case anyone cares... I ended up doing this because I was cleaning out my closet and wanted to see what I needed for my trip to Japan. Turns out all I need is a black dress and a striped shirt. Awesome. My bank account is happy about this. 


Please excuse my sucky coloring on all this... I was very tired last night and didn't feel like paying attention to what I was doing. Today I'm almost wearing the last outfit but... its different. Maybe I'll do an outfit post tonight. We'll see. 

I am now the proud owner of these awesome shoes. (Also, please have a photo of the jeans depicted above.) 

Oh so good... look how huge they are. Mmmmm. Love.
Also, in case anyone is wondering, I'm on a quest to make my wardrobe more goth (no not like preteen cookie cutter goth either.) I'm sick of all this "normal clothes" stuff I've been doing lately. Ew.  

That's it for right now. I'm too tired to think. 

As a side note, is there anything you guys would want to see in my blog? Makeup tutorials? More outfit of the day posts? More illustration? Let me know!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blog makeover/weekend events

Yay my blog finally got a makeover!!

I want to do something clever with the header (ooooh a rhyyyyme!! I'm such a dork. Please excuse me.) with a picture or something but... we'll deal with that later. For now I am just happy that it's all grey with little bits of color. Huzzah. 

This weekend was a good one. I did a lot of shopping/hanging out with my mom which was super fun. I got a couple of shirts and a scarf from Forever 21 (seriously favorite store since Hot Topic decided to sell out and become all mainstream scene kid clothes and just kinda suck in general. oops... rant...). Anyway, please excuse that. MOVING ON. Right, so new clothes kinda rock, they're all jewel toned and pretty and dark. I plan on wearing these a lot. Also, kinda a big deal I cleaned out my closet. Correction, Aric cleaned out my closet with my help. He's so good to me haha I had to do it and he came over and took charge and made me get organized!! Love, love, love him. SO ANYWAY, I got rid of two leaf bags of shoes and clothes for Salvation Army, and another leaf bag of just like... clothing trash that got thrown out (trust me, no one would have wanted it.) So my closet is officially clean and organized and amazing looking and I've decided I need three more things to complete my fall wardrobe: a black jersey dress, a black and white (or cream) shirt, and a pair of black over the knee socks. Nom nom. 

Also I'm the new happy owner of some pretty awesome new gothy platform shoes. Rock. On. 

So! On to some pictures from this weekend! Aric and I went to get burritos last night and then took some photos and ended our night in a coffee shop. It was super awesome. I hearted it. Annnnd I want burritos again. Dang it. 


The cute now glasses-clad boyfriend.

Michael's craft store has CLEARLY heard my prayers for autumn!!!

My cat likes to sleep in planters now... oh boy.

P.s. this is one of the new shirts. I officially LOVE wine red. OH GOSH THE PRETTY.

That's it for now I guess, I've made a little... drawing outline of the clothes I'm going to take to Japan with me, and I'm going to color it later on (hopefully tonight) and then post it possibly along with photos of my recent sock haul. P.s. Have I mentioned how excited I am to go to Japan???? If not. KNOW THAT I'M EXCITED. Also, I'm excited about something secret that's going to be happening soon that will literally be a life changing event for me. You'll hear about it when it happens! In fact I'll dedicate a whole post to it.

Bye bye kittie cats.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Changes on the horizon.

Well folks,
I turn the big 2-0 in 11 days. 
I've come to the point in my life where things are ALMOST here, but not quite. I've been stuck in this place for a while, but I'm almost through it. It's like... I can almost touch the changes that I know are going to happen. It's a little scary. My life is flying by, and because I'm so focused on what I want to happen, I'm almost willing to let that happen. (You'll know what I'm talking about soon, no worries.) 

I'm excited to see where life is about to take me. It's a scary roller coaster, but I'm going to ride it with my eyes open.

I'm determined to not let my daily schedule kill me, and I'm finally getting the hang of it, so that makes me pretty darn happy. I'm tired and hungry and have some pretty awesome dark circles forming, but I'm learning in school, and I'm learning my trade and that's all that.

I miss my boyfriend so very much, but we have a really strong relationship and we're not going to let this year stop us. Our lack of free time to spend together just means that we're going to have to make sure to make the most out of what time we do get together. 

That's all for now I suppose. I'm tired and thoughtless and I'm about to go to work. Sorry about all the blabbing and the lack of pretty pictures, but... that's going to come soon, no worries.