Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Hey look I'm posting before I go to Japan! 
I'm doing so good. 
Anyway, I'm excited (obviously) about Halloween. 
Clearly my love of all things spooky isn't evident thanks to my blog title. Oh the lies. 
So it's "that time of year" again. The "lets figure out what we're going to be for halloween this year" time. 
I'm kinda feeling being a witch. I've never been one before, and last year's tribute to old school halloween costumes (I was a black cat. I'll try to find pictures....) makes me want to keep this thing up. 
So... I already have the hat, I have some rocking shoes that can't be worn out much (the ones i posted about earlier in the month) and legwarmers, and ripped tights so... I guess I just need to make myself a dress. 

(all images from weheartit )
Last one is my favorite :)

Do you celebrate halloween? 
If you do, what do you want to be this year?


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