Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blog makeover/weekend events

Yay my blog finally got a makeover!!

I want to do something clever with the header (ooooh a rhyyyyme!! I'm such a dork. Please excuse me.) with a picture or something but... we'll deal with that later. For now I am just happy that it's all grey with little bits of color. Huzzah. 

This weekend was a good one. I did a lot of shopping/hanging out with my mom which was super fun. I got a couple of shirts and a scarf from Forever 21 (seriously favorite store since Hot Topic decided to sell out and become all mainstream scene kid clothes and just kinda suck in general. oops... rant...). Anyway, please excuse that. MOVING ON. Right, so new clothes kinda rock, they're all jewel toned and pretty and dark. I plan on wearing these a lot. Also, kinda a big deal I cleaned out my closet. Correction, Aric cleaned out my closet with my help. He's so good to me haha I had to do it and he came over and took charge and made me get organized!! Love, love, love him. SO ANYWAY, I got rid of two leaf bags of shoes and clothes for Salvation Army, and another leaf bag of just like... clothing trash that got thrown out (trust me, no one would have wanted it.) So my closet is officially clean and organized and amazing looking and I've decided I need three more things to complete my fall wardrobe: a black jersey dress, a black and white (or cream) shirt, and a pair of black over the knee socks. Nom nom. 

Also I'm the new happy owner of some pretty awesome new gothy platform shoes. Rock. On. 

So! On to some pictures from this weekend! Aric and I went to get burritos last night and then took some photos and ended our night in a coffee shop. It was super awesome. I hearted it. Annnnd I want burritos again. Dang it. 


The cute now glasses-clad boyfriend.

Michael's craft store has CLEARLY heard my prayers for autumn!!!

My cat likes to sleep in planters now... oh boy.

P.s. this is one of the new shirts. I officially LOVE wine red. OH GOSH THE PRETTY.

That's it for now I guess, I've made a little... drawing outline of the clothes I'm going to take to Japan with me, and I'm going to color it later on (hopefully tonight) and then post it possibly along with photos of my recent sock haul. P.s. Have I mentioned how excited I am to go to Japan???? If not. KNOW THAT I'M EXCITED. Also, I'm excited about something secret that's going to be happening soon that will literally be a life changing event for me. You'll hear about it when it happens! In fact I'll dedicate a whole post to it.

Bye bye kittie cats.

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