Friday, September 24, 2010

Engagement parties and things of the like.

I'm writing this as I sit here with a trash bag on my head wearing nasty old clothes and hoping to not have chef boyardee colored stains on my face. Ah the joys of at home hair coloring. 

So, as the title says we had an engagement party thrown for us by one of the BFFs, Tianna. (She's super cool, you guys would love her.) We had so much fun, we ate yummy stuffed shells Tianna made and played an awkward couple questionnaire game and apples to apples (oh my gosh i love that game. especially with my group of friends. oh hilarity.) 

SO the following are pictures/explanations of the night's events. 

Reeses, the puppy/wizard. 

Aric's new short hair!! I have such a cute fiance. 

Can you tell that we're both half asleep? haha



Okay, so... I have to go wash this gunk out of my hair and hope its the right color and then I'm off to meet with the lighting guy for our wedding, blow a bunch of money at steinmart (a.k.a. my best kept secret), go pick my car up, go to dinner, and then its off to poetry night at our local cafe!!

Also guys, thanks so much for your kinda comments! I read them all and they mean a lot to me! I should start replying to them, huh? lol oops... 


p.s. I leave for Japan a week from tomorrow!! Exciting! 

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  1. Yummy stuffed shells!
    i hope your hair turns out purrty, i cant wait to see it and good luck with the lighting guy:)