Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wedding update act 1 scene 1.

Hey guys! So I thought I'd just leave a little update on how things are going with the wedding planning!
Yeah, we've started already, oh gosh! BUT, we have about a year and a month and with my being in school and working and Aric being in school and working, and both of us working over the summer and then me going back to school in fall (Aric graduates this spring so he doesn't have to. Yay!) we kinda need to start now so we don't fall behind and we don't have to panic too much. 

Right now we're looking at venues, I'm totally in love with one, its our contemporary art center and its BEAUTIFUL. Words cannot express. Seriously, I'm MAAAAJORLY crossing my fingers on that one. And we're looking at 3 other venues that I almost care about haha. We're meeting with the contemporary art center on Friday morning about the facilities and such so... cross your finger friends!! 

We're starting to look at dresses and things, but I can't tell you anything about that because Aric reads my blog. Sorry guys!! It'll be a surprise to you too though! (And surprises are good, right??) But I can tell you its going to be epic. I have lots of ideas for this... 

Mom, Aric and I are meeting Friday night to go over budget and talk about ideas and stuff, so I'm looking forward to that. Aric's so cute, he's all excited about planning. I think he has our whole honeymoon planned out already, he's just waiting for when they let him book it all. He's excited about the actual wedding planning too, he even left class an hour early last night to come over and look at wedding magazines. Oh that boy... what a cutie. 

Lets see... I'm trying to think of if i have any other wedding updates for you... hum... well.. OH! We have an engagement party planned for monday night at our friends Tianna and Andrew's house, so I'm way excited about that, and we have another one planned for October 30th with our family. And on Oct 22, a day after our anniversary, we're having autumny themed engagement photos taken by a very talented local photographer. They're going to be epic. Just wait and see... 

In other news, I go to Japan in like... two weeks from Saturday. Super exciting! And today is payday and I have one more before I go which means I'll have monies for clothes!!!! YAY!!

I probably ought to stop blogging since I'm in class... oops. 
I'll post again soon to give you more updates on our big day!!
But for now (mostly because I can't justify not posting any photos in a post) , look I'm engaged:

 xoxoxoxo love you guys thanks for all the warm well wishes!!!!

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