Thursday, September 15, 2011

Of chais and birthday photos

So I'm sitting here drinking the saddest chai ever and I feel the need to post a blog. 
Why is this the saddest chai?? Well I went to starbucks this morning before class with my birthday-giftcard in hand and ordered a nonfat chai... I didnt drink it until I got to school and turns out its just all steamed milk, no chai. But I want something warm to drink so I'm still drinking it... but I think I'm just going to throw it out. Yeah. That sounds like a good plan, its not worth the calories... 

Basically this is just going to be a photo-dump of my birthday weekend. 

We went to the Blue Talon Bistro for my birthday lunch with Aric's family! Yum! If you're ever in Williamsburg, VA I highly suggest eating there. Its my all time favorite place to eat! Yay French food. 

Chocolates! We always go to this candy store. Aric got licorice (I'm not a fan...), and I got dark chocolate blueberry clusters. Yummy! 

Pretty pretty buildings. 

A didgeridoo! I love those! 

Me and the always-dreamy Thomas Jefferson. My neck is doing something weird, but I like this picture anyway. 

Pretty sky on my birthday morning! 

Carrabbas with my family drinking a sangria! It was super tasty. Blackberries and oranges. Yummy! 

Aric and I looking thug. What's new?

Okay, well I'll post again later probably with pictures of my bridal shower this weekend! 
What are you guys doing this weekend?


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Birthday, Autumn, and Weddings, Oh My!

Good morning world! 
Well, its been a while. I feel like all my blog posts start out like that... ugh. 
I kinda fail at this whole keeping on a schedule thing.

Its getting to be fall, which makes me super happy. It makes me want to go make candied apples and wear  rust and purple like nonstop. The weather is still kinda icky in the upper 80s and pretty humid. Ick ick ick! Its kinda a bummer since my closet is filling up with all these pretty autumny/wintery clothes and I try to wear them and then am constantly over heated. Not fun... I don't do shorts or tank tops and I try to even avoid bare legs or t-shirts whenever possible, so hot weather isn't my fave, if you couldn't tell. 

Yesterday I turned 21! I had a lot of fun. I went out to dinner with my mom, her bff (who is basically my aunt!), her 11 year old son, and Aric. We went to Carabbas which is like one of my favorite place ever. I'm trying to go carb-less, but... I started drinking the blackberry sangria I ordered (Oh yum!!!! blackberries + oranges + red wine = yes.)  but I hadn't eaten much all day so I didn't feel very good, so I had a little bread. And then soup. And then a salad. It was a wonderful dinner! We brought cupcakes along so I had one of those because.... well... it was my birthday. So back on the carb-less horse today! 

I got lots of fun presents from everyone! Aric got me wine, hello kitty jammies, and a GIANT bell jar! (I'm obsessed with bell jars...)
Mommy and Dad got me what felt like a billion things, two amazing dresses (I'm going to wear one for the rehearsal dinner!), and two super pretty pairs of boots! I was so excited. Starting... in about a week and a half I ONLY wear boots until mid-spring. They're my favorite! I'll share some pictures later! 

This month is SO busy for us. Gosh... This past weekend was my birthday, this coming weekend is my bridal shower, the weekend after that Mom and I are going apple picking (!!!), the weekend after that is my bachelorette party, and then the weekend after that is the wedding! The wedding totally crept up on me. I can't believe its here already! In 26 days I'm going to be married! Woah! 

Now I'm going to leave you for something cute! 

We started letting Abby out on the deck because... well... her little legs are too short for her to jump over the fence, so we're safe! She loves the outside. Its become a ritual. We get up and take her outside early every morning and drink our coffee on the porch swing with her. Its kinda my favorite!