Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Outifts for Japan

Kay, so I promised you outfit doodles, so here they are. 
(In case anyone cares... I ended up doing this because I was cleaning out my closet and wanted to see what I needed for my trip to Japan. Turns out all I need is a black dress and a striped shirt. Awesome. My bank account is happy about this. 


Please excuse my sucky coloring on all this... I was very tired last night and didn't feel like paying attention to what I was doing. Today I'm almost wearing the last outfit but... its different. Maybe I'll do an outfit post tonight. We'll see. 

I am now the proud owner of these awesome shoes. (Also, please have a photo of the jeans depicted above.) 

Oh so good... look how huge they are. Mmmmm. Love.
Also, in case anyone is wondering, I'm on a quest to make my wardrobe more goth (no not like preteen cookie cutter goth either.) I'm sick of all this "normal clothes" stuff I've been doing lately. Ew.  

That's it for right now. I'm too tired to think. 

As a side note, is there anything you guys would want to see in my blog? Makeup tutorials? More outfit of the day posts? More illustration? Let me know!!

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