Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter weekend, mountains, croquet, and alpacas, oh my!

Good morning lovelies!! 

I hope you all had wonderful easter weekends! 
I know that I sure did, mine was so relaxing! In fact, I'm sad that I'm back home now! 
Aric's family, my mom, Aric and I went up to the blue ridge mountains to visit Aric's grandparents!
Man what a pretty place! I want to go back up soon and just enjoy nature! 

The amazing view from their back yard!! 

Me and my Mr. Oh! And my blue/blonde hair! 

Aric and his brother taught me to throw a boomerang!! 

Pretty pretty Easter morning walk with my mommy! 

In other news I finally got a pintrest!!! I'm already obsessed. Its going to take over my life, and I just might be okay with that. No, scratch that, I am okay with it. Alsooooo, I graduate soon! Scary!! Not really, actually I'm super excited to go off and get a job and get to be a grown up. You know... minus the whole not being able to have colorful hair thing. I haven't really figured out what I'm going to do with it. My two best options at the moment are platinum or going back red.... hmmmm.... what to do what to do... 

Love you kittens!! 


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