Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bedroom decorating!

So, we've been moved into our apartment since November but due to our busy lives (and being picky) we're just now starting to get into the swing of getting everything where we want it! 
A few weeks after the earthquake/tsunami in Japan happened I bought these 100 white paper cranes from a Canadian seller on etsy who was donating her proceeds to the disaster relief fund. I've had these poor things sitting in a box since then. 

I've been wanting to do something with them on a wall, so a year after buying them I have finally used them!! 

SO, if you want to do what we did, here's what we did! (Its super easy)
We bought: 
100 paper cranes
2 packages of sticky putty (they type you use for putting up posters)
annnnd a loooot of patience. 

This was a lot of fun, and honestly the hardest part was figuring out how low I could go without Tsouki being able to reach/murder them. (A couple of them have holes in them now... lessons learned.) 

Speak of the handsome little devil!!! 

You guys. I'm obsessed with my cat. He has become my child. He's such a sweet little bear, but he's also insane. But I love him. 

ALSO, have any of you tried these new Starbucks Refreshers drinks?? I love them! As I write this I'm drinking the strawberry lemonade flavor. Its so yummy! Carbonated juice + coffee = surprisingly amazing! Also, its only 60cal per can! Mmm! 

Talk to you all later!! 


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