Thursday, July 7, 2011

I am SO tired right now its a little stupid. 
I'm not much of a "stay-out-late" person... mostly because I wake up at 5:45am so the last few nights have been rough since I've been staying out with friends/coworkers after we get out of rehearsals at 10:00pm. I've been getting home at like 12 or later. Sooo darn tired. 

I colored my hair on tuesday, its a super bright red and I'm kinda loving it. I put orange highlights in the front, but since its the same darkness as the rest of the red you can basically only tell its a different color, not that they're highlights. People keep asking me about it and saying they like it though, so thats a good sign, right?

sad naturalish weird red-brown

annnd after:
fun! (see the random orange chunks?)

Also that ghastly tan I had has officially gone away. YES. Good thing I didn't buy new makeup... 

Also I've realized that I get married pretty darn soon. Something like 3 months and 2 days. Thats practically right around the corner. School starts in a month and a half and after that the days will fly by. Weird!!! Aric moves into our new apartment my birthday weekend, so that's only like two months away too. Straaaange! 

I think thats it for now! 
Bye kitties!!! 

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