Friday, November 12, 2010

New Hair!

Sooo... I have new pretty hair!!

Its now red and blonde and purple. Amazing. I love it so much. Being a hair model is fun!! You get free pretty hair :)

When my hair is back in a ponytail I feel like an owl or a wren or something. It's just something about the blonde and red. I love it. And the purple, oh the purple. I'm in love. 

So, this weekend I'm spending most of my awake time learning to be a lightboard operator for the show going on at school right now. I love it. Lights are preeeetty. :) We signed up for our crew position for the spring shows today and I sold my soul and signed up for two shows. I'm going to be sound op for Madea and spotlight op for Bye Bye Birdy. Fun stuff! I'm going to hate myself by the end of the semester, but next year when I don't have to be married, working and crewing twice in one semester I'll be a happy camper. So today I'm here form 1pm-11pm and tomorrow from 1pm-12am. Like I said, I'm spending my weekend at school. 

What are you guys doing this weekend??


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