Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My kitties, halloween, and autumn.

These are a few of my favourtie things...

I love my kitties. 
One might say I'm obsessed. 


Bean (Abagail)

D (Daniel)

In other news, 
I am SO exicted about the fact that I get to sleep in until 7am tomorrow. 
YES!!!! And I'm excited that its finally feeling like autumn. Tomorrow is a high of 54 which means I get to take my new leopard coat for a test run. Pictures soon. I promise. 
Speaking of pictures, I was a witch for halloween thanks to a dress I got in Japan and a witch hat mommy bought me at cracker barrel. I had a fun night, two of my friends came over to pass out candy with me and then Aric came over after work. :) 
What were you guys for halloween/did you do anything special???

Witch, Minnie Mouse, and a Pumpkin. We're a pretty typical group, right?


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