Thursday, November 4, 2010

Its true what they say.

You know how people say that weddings bring out the best and the worst in people?
Yeah, well its true. I didn't believe it, but its so true. I'm not posting this to be vindictive or to name names just in case the people who know the people I am talking about were to read this. I'm not posting this to hurt anyone, but more as a warning to future brides. 

Holy crap. 

This whole wedding planning thing is great, its so fun to be able to pull all my ideas together and see where they're going, and to get to meet awesome new people like our photographer, baker, lighting company, and d.j.. And its SO awesome to be able to know that in 11 months, Aric and I will be married. How cool is that???

 BUT, as amazing as that all is, it definitely makes people's true colors shine through.


I'm not going to go into much details on this, but I'm becoming more and more aware how antagonistic people can be, maybe without even realizing it. I'm starting to feel like my poor kitty Abby who always gets attacked by Daniel (another kitty), and is just never ever left alone. I'm not going to really say any more, but all I can say is this is really upsetting and I think if people decide they don't like me all of a sudden, they should just leave me alone. But that's just me. What do you guys do in situations like these? Any fun suggestions for pick-me-ups?

In other news, guess who can wear her fun thrift store find now that its cold out? :)


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