Sunday, December 26, 2010

In 20 years of life, this is my first...

White Christmas!!!!!!!!

I was SO excited!!

It was a little sad because it started snowing after dark and I was exhausted from all the Christmas festivities  (which included, but were not limited to; opening presents like a madman at two different houses, an impromptu photoshoot with mom, loading software, reading books, making my famous mocha icing, and eating part of our annual "Happy Birthday Baby Jesus" cake.). Sooo I reluctantly went to bed and my mom woke me up with "ASHY THERE'S SO MUCH SNOW!!!" Needless to say I sprung from my bed, threw on clothes and went outside to take pictures. 20 minutes later we were on our way to the grocery store. An hour and a half, 4 miles, and about 6" of snow later we were back with the all important 3 cans of cat food, two containers of coffee creamer, a pack of bic pens, and my favorite in the world Bigelow "Eggnoggin" tea. The last two were add-ons to our list once we were in the store. 

I mean come on, how can you pass up new pens and your favorite tea? It simply cannot be done. 

For all who are curious, no Eggnoggin tea does NOT taste like eggnog, but if you add milk and a pinch of splenda it tastes like cinnamon buns. Nom nom!! I need to go buy a couple more packs of this for the rest of the year. Time to stockpile!

In our journeys we encountered about.... 13 cars and 3 other people walking. It was pretty quiet out there because we don't really have snowplows in the area so when it snows even a couple of inches the area shuts down completely. So now that we have a foot and a few inches I'd say we'll be shut down for a couple of days. That means another walk to the store is in order tomorrow! 

Now on to the photos!! (hopefully it'll let me post them because I couldn't post photos last time i tried!)

 Mom's pretty roses

 I had to! 


Poor tiny little mommy in the snow... hah

I had such fun today! How about you guys?? Is it snowy where you are?



  1. love ALL these shots... especially the bird!

    found your whimsical delightful blog through picture winter.

    happy new year!

  2. Great photos. I love the treatments and all the different perspectives.

  3. I am so jealous! this year I was telling my parents they had to retire somewhere snowy so I could have a white christmas sometime in my life. anywys, it looks like you had an amazing time and lived it up to the fullest :)