Thursday, December 23, 2010

Best birds!

So Aric is making me do this. 
Like he's holding me at gun-point. 
For reals. 

Okay... not really. 
But he is making me do this. 
Today its time for a special blog post called "Ash's best bird of the day" where we discuss the lives of our favorite bird in a photo we've taken. So here we go. 


(help me!!!! he's making me!)

Meet Violet the cardinal. 

Violet spends her days bussing her baby birds to and from soccer practices, ballet rehearsals, and the occasional birthday party at the skating rink. 

Today she had the day off because Mr. Bird was home sick from work, so he offered to watch the chicks. 
She went and got her talons painted with her bffs, she got some last minute shopping done for the holiday season of festivities and lights. (Aric added that last part...) And she worked out at the local bird-gym. Finally afternoon was upon her and she took in the last few rays of the sun before heading back to the daily grind. 

The End!!

I will finish this post with informing you that we are not on any form of substance other than sugar cookies and lack of rest. 

Merry Christmas everyone from Aric, Ash, and the best bird of the day, Violet! 


p.s. these cookies kinda rock. 

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