Thursday, December 2, 2010

Responsibility as an artist?

Okay, so just kidding I guess I'm not done posting for the day like I thought I was. 

So I wanted to get this all out and down before I forgot it again...
Today in my improv class my teacher was quoting our papers on how our faith and improv interscect and one of the papers said (and I'm paraphrasing this because I forgot the exact wording):

"As an artist you have the responsibility to bless others with your creativity." 

Now there's a thought, huh? 
Personally I had never even once thought of it that way, but it was absolute brilliance. I'm like... tempted to get this tattooed on my body so I never forget that sentence.
It hit me like a ton of bricks. 
(And here's where I get kinda preachy...)
Some Christians are charged to go out and preach the Gospel, some want to help their churches by being super involved, some want to go to foreign countries and help build cities, and while all of these are important to me, none of them seemed like my passion and I've struggled with that for a while wondering if there was something wrong with me, but today I realized there isn't. God gave me creativity because I am to bless others with it, not simply for my own amusement. 
And honestly even if you're reading this and not a Christian this totally applies to you too. You were given creativity for a reason, so share it!!

Another thing interesting in that lecture was that he said that being creative, regardless of your field, is the human parallel to my all time favorite words in the Bible:

"In the beginning, God created..."

My professor went on to say that creating is the closest we'll ever get to see to that "light, be." moment. 

How do you guys feel about that, have you ever thought about it that way?

"light, be."



  1. did you know the original def of photography was "light writing" isn't that cool! and thanks for sharing!-ashley

  2. I am a big fan of this! I love the correlation between faith and art; it's so inspiring to me. Thanks for posting! :).