Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Project goldfish hair + Beach night

Soooo, I'm back from the grave. 
I've officially gotten the worst of the wisdom teeth adventure over with, and I'm up and at it again. Yay! 

Last night Aric took me to Mccormick and Schmick for their "happy hour" (fish tacos for $3.50 say whaaat?) which I was mostly able to eat. I was a happy camper. I'm a California-born girl, fish tacos = love. After our little date we drove down to the beach but... we ended up getting chased out by a HUGE lightning storm about 30 minutes after we got out of the car, which was parked on the roof of the parking garage waaay away from the elevator. Scary... 

So on to the photodump! 

 foggy oceany glory. 
 king neptune himself. 
 more yummy foggy night. 
early 80s cover band. i was sad i knew all the songs >.< 

On to the goldfish hair!! 

Okay sooo I did something new today, I went into Sally's and bought hair color and developer and did it myself without a box and it turned out awesome!! Yay I'm proud of myself! (I know, not a big deal but I've been too afraid I would screw it up to try until now.)

So this recent wave of everyone in the world having pretty cool toned red hair has made me sad because.. that was my trademark for yearssss so I've switched to bright orangeish! 

Boring faded natural brown red (can you tell I had given up?)

Pretty goldfish hair!! (Its waaay brighter than this in person...)

But yay I love it! Thats about it for now! 

How are you lovelies??
Bye for now pumpkins!


  1. I LOVEEEE YOUR HAIR! You should come over to the new apartment soon! I miss you! :) Glad you are feeling better my love!

  2. I love your new hair color! Well done!