Monday, May 16, 2011

Strawberries and surgery

Whew! Oh hey look I exist again! 
Bye Bye Birdy is OVER folks. Praise the Lord. No, but for real, I'm so grateful to be sleeping on my normal schedule again. School is out (I forget if I mentioned that or not...) which means my life has consisted of cleaning, seeing the fiance as much as possible, hanging out with my mom, working out, and vegging out. Its been great. 

This past sunday was fun, we were out of strawberries at the house (OH THE HORROR!!) so Mommy sent Aric and I out to pick strawberries! 

So much fun! 

There were a lot of people there! Sadly including the rudest family I've ever encountered! The kids were brats and the dad nearly mowed me over as I tried to get out of his way when he wanted to leave. Lame. At least they were only there for the beginning of our adventure! 


My outfit was SUPER lame, so I'll spare you a full body shot and just give you the details. 
I wore: my fave black cardigan from cha cha vente, a grey v-neck f21 tshirt, skinny jeans rolled up into capris, and possibly my least favorite pair of flats. I wasn't going for cute, I was going for comfy haha. BUT, visible in this picture is my new fave necklace, a black acrylic cross (I'm like obsessed with cross jewelry right now). Its so unshiny its amazing. I call it my anti-bling. 

Oh! Right, so the surgery mentioned... I get my wisdom teeth out in the morning. Boo. :( I'm very non-excited about that one there. Meds make me super out of it, so I'm just hoping I'm so out of it I don't notice the pain. We're going to go with that one. At least I have Mommy, Aric, and my Tron DVD to keep me company and make me feel better! Maybe I'll post during my out of it stage haha that would be interesting. 

Anyway!!! Wish me luck!!

Love you kittens!!! 


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  1. Strawberry picking!!! There's a farm near me but I only ever get out for their summer flower picking & always miss berry season :(

    Ah families these days are often so rude, I can't even =__=;;