Thursday, May 19, 2011

In which I discover I'm allergic to codeine.

Yes folks, true story. 
I, Ash, am allergic to codeine. 
How did I find this out?

Well after a day of being on the junk to distract my body from the fact that I now had 4 missing teeth I found myself "praying to the porcelain gods". Not a fan. Not at all. So after a "well... maybe it was something I ate" and repeating the process after taking it again I switched to Advil. TMI? Perhaps but... too bad. I'm currently very sad I'm on Advil because a) its not making me tired and... I want to go to sleep and b) it doesn't relieve the pain quite as well, so not only does my mouth hurt, but now it itches from the stitches. Ick ick ick. 

Ah well! On the bright side I have most definitely caught up on my sleep, I've watched quite a bit of HGTV, the only bruises I've managed to accumulate in the past 72 hours have been on my face from the surgery (I think that's a record, by the way), and I'm pretty sure I've lost 5lbs. 

I'm going to attempt to venture out in public tomorrow with mom to go get some applesauce, but... we'll see. One side of my face is very swollen so it'll depend on how much my cabin fever outweighs my vanity. Maybe if I wear big sunglasses no one will notice... hmm... something to think about. 

Once I'm not totally embarrassed about my giant chipmunk cheeks because the swelling has gone down I'll post a picture of them, but for now have a picture of Abby and I from easter. ( I don't THINK I posted this yet, but if I have... sorry!!)


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  1. mmm applesauce! smoothies! bananas! soggy cereal. yeah. sorry love feel better soon!