Saturday, May 8, 2010

Today was my mommy's birthday! We went and had tea yesterday to celebrate and then this morning we got up and went to that hour-away-antiquing-spot I wrote about a little while ago. So much fun!! I was VERY excited because that meant I got to drop $20 on my new friend! Normally I wouldn't have spent that much on something, however... I've been pretty much dreaming of this little lady! Aric and I are going back down there on tuesday and hitting all the antique stores on the way so I'm pretty sure by tuesday night/wed. morning's post I'll have a new kitty friend (or two) to show you! Here's my new kittie teapot! She's sitting proudly on my cat shelf. I'm not so sure what to name here though, what do you think? I'm feeling something along the lines of "Gwendolyn" but that's my dress form's name so I can't do that!!

(she's a whole lot cuter than she looks... my room was just really dark and flash does weird things sometimes.) 

Tomorrow for mother's day mom and I are going to an art faire. So much fun!! What did you guys do this weekend? Anyone go thrifting or antiquing??


  1. Aww, I love her!

  2. Thank you!! There was another one like her, so hopefully she'll have a new friend soon!