Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hey there pumpkins!!
Sooo... I'm in Georgia right now! I'm visiting with my dad and stepmom because she just graduated today with her MBA and they're opening their art gallery tomorrow!! Very exciting stuff. I took some photos around the gallery today (we had a preview) and I'm sure I'll take more tomorrow at the actual opening and... I plan on sneaking out tomorrow morning to take some more photos. They live kinda in the middle of nowhere and there's all this pretty land all around them and... I'm in love with it. So... yeah.. I think in the morning before we go to breakfast I'm going to shower, get dressed and take a walk and get some photos. Its really lovely here, I can't wait to share it with you!! In the mean time, have a pretty field photo from somewhere in Georgia via (as usual) weheartit which... if you haven't checked out you should, its fantastic. 

I'm feeling pretty inspired guys, so I'm off to write some poetry!! What are you cats up to this weekend??


  1. WOW! Living in GA and going having a gallery sounds like dreamy!! DId she graduate from SCAD? looking forward to seeing more pics :)

  2. Nope, actually she graduated from... well... I forget the name now, but its a smaller college (she lives 45 minutes away from Atlanta so... its kinda in the middle of nowhere, but its great!!) with her masters in business administration! She had a project that lasted her the full two years in which she had to create a fictitious business and go through all the things necessary to launch it, but instead she decided to actually do it! Its pretty darn cool. And yeah, I would love to live here too!! This is such a pretty place! Lots of photos will be up just as soon as I edit them! :)