Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weekend recap! (Mother's day edition)

Wow... so... I haven't posted for QUITE a while. I've been doing this thing where I try to post daily but... I majorly fell off the bandwagon this week. This weekend was my mom's birthday (Saturday) and Mother's day so we did a lot of fun things! We antiqued on Saturday, and then on Sunday we went strawberry picking! We had lots of fun but I'm not so sure the strawberries were ready to be picked because some of them are still pretty sour. Oh well! 

Mom and her "specimen" (she's a botanical illustrator, so said she was going to use some of the strawberries to draw) 

She stole the camera halfway through and attacked me with photos. It was mysteriously cold this weekend!!

So, yesterday, Aric and I took a day trip to the outer banks to antique and such. It was tons and tons of fun! We found some sand dunes (I'm in love. There will be many photos/films done out here by me in the future, just wait and see...) and climbed up to write. It was so pretty!!

Aric pretending to write. Silly!!

He wore his hair back yesterday! What a cutie! 

Yesterday's outfit, minus the awesome feathers around my ankles that I took off because of the sand. I've officially decided my new style is "hippie goth". We'll see how this one works out... In other news, if you can't tell I accidentally died my hair dark. Ooops... its darker than it looks in the pictures, but it shines purple so I think I'm okay with it. But I'll be back to normal when it fades!! 

This was such a great weekend/tuesday! I had lots of fun, ate lots of fruit, and got hired to scoop ice cream! (haha) How fun!! Now I'm off to do my makeup and sew all day! 
How was your weekend, lovelies???

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  1. I love the summer outfit and look forward to cool dune pictures. And I bet that many a boy in VA will buy more ice cream just to see your beautiful smile! Congrats on the job!
    Love ya'-
    Best Step Mom EVER!