Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Clubbing outfit post/Collections

Okay, so I know I haven't posted the strawberry cookie recipe yet buuuuut... I'll do it very soon. I promise!! Anyway, went out last night (yay! i NEVER go out!) to a local club for "goth night". That's the only night I'll go haha. It was a lot of fun, Aric and I hadn't been since sometime last year and we were too afraid to dance with eachother back then so... this was a new experience for us! It was fun though :) 
Here's what I wore:

Zebra makeup and black and blue feathers in my hair!

Annnd the outfit. It was pretty funny because I was wearing three pairs of tights, two on my legs, and one on my arms as a bolero! (This is super easy, once i can get my hands on a new pair of tights I'll show you how!) I ended up tucking the necklace down my shirt though because I was afraid it was going to hit me in the face but... its the thought that counts, right?

SO! Next! I promised you I would tell you what I collect so, here goes!

I collect...
1. Cat...stuff. 

2. Hello Kitty 

3. Ellowyne Wilde dolls
(I'm obsessed.) 
These are my current dolls. The one on the left is my mom's twin, and the one of the right (my first one ever!) is my twin. I love them so... 

I also collect hoops (like hula hoops) because I hoop dance, but... for some reason I can't find a picture of them. I'll take one soon and show you, I promise. But... I have four for real ones, and two "little kid' hoops from walmart haha. What do you guys collect??


  1. Ur Zebra make up is awesome!! Loveee the outfit too!!

  2. love the makeup!!!
    I collect Vintage dresses. I have a gazillion. So many that most sit in airtight bins in the attic.

  3. Wow, that makeup is amazing! I wish I was talented enough with my brushes to do that!

  4. Ooooh Adriana that's a great thing to collect!!!! I love vintage dresses, I have a giant collection of bad sequined 80's dresses (I'm sure one of them will pop up on this blog within the next month or so...) Also, I've officially completely fallen in love with your blog! You're making the concept of being a mommy sometime in the next few years not so scary for me!

    Thank you Indy!! It just takes practice, I'm sure you could do it! And cute cute cute blog! Love it!

  5. Ha this looks like so much fun! I really like your makeup!


  6. Ooo, those dolls are so cool! Very cute. :)
    And cats & HK are probably some of the best things you could collect.

  7. Thanks Twila it was fun!! And yeah, makeup is my secret love.... I've been too tired to have much fun with it lately so... this was a nice relief!

    Thanks Sonya! And I couldn't agree more... cats and HK are a necessity!

  8. I see some hello kittys.. love them!

  9. whoa, amazing make-up. very neat.