Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today turned out better than expected. I ended up getting an 86% on my final in my stagecraft class, and as of now it looks like I have a 91.6% in that class which... is great since I thought I was going to fail it. YAY.  I like when things like this happen. 

I worked in the costume shop a little bit more today, I finished the masks I had been working on. I'm really excited to see them in the show on sunday (Godspell) I'll be back in the shop again tomorrow, hopefully painting more. I'm really having a blast! 

So since my last post I have slept a grand total of 45 minutes. I ended up having a panic attack while I was sleeping which was... bizarre. I've had panic attacks before, but I've never had one while I was asleep. It was really weird. I was super out of it (since I was asleep) but I kept thinking that when I was breathing in it was coming back out like there was a hole in my jaw or something. I don't know, it was really weird, all I know was I had a panic attack---while I was asleep. I think I was hyperventilating which would explain the weird feeling. I've hyperventilated before and it felt similar to what i felt this morning.

Anyway, I was going to try to get page 2 of the comic sketched out but... I'm being too indecisive, so I'm going to try to catch some "zzzzzzz"s. But I'll leave you with one of the many images I love, once again (as usual unless otherwise specified) via weheartit 

Much love pumpkins. 
Peace out. 

p.s. Aric and I are going antiquing tomorrow and saturday, so lets cross our fingers and hope for some goodies!!! 

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