Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Good morning lovelies! 
To make up for my unhappy post last night I wanted to share 
with you some images I love to hopefully inspire you (and me)! 
All images via weheartit

Isn't she adorable?? I want a little girl like her!

Lovelies, I hope you all have wonderful adventures planned for today!!
Today I get to clean, go to school, see the boyfriend, hopefully work on the comic a bit, and then have a study party with some friends! We have a final on Thursday for a super hard class (yuck), BUT, that just means that I don't have to go into that class  next week! I'm very excited for next friday to roll around... no more school!!!! Well... I'm taking summer courses, so no more school for a few weeks, yipee! What do you have planned for today?? 

I'll be back either later today or tomorrow, hopefully with a 
mixtape of my current favorite songs for you! 

Peace out pumpkins. 


  1. A cute collection of images! Love the third one especially! Yay to school being out soon! I'm out soon too, can't wait! :)

  2. I can't wait til you're done with school! :) I'll be done soon too, and when I am I will be SO relieved. I can't wait for you to adopt an Asian girl with Aric!!! You will be the cutest family EVER. Forizzle. Oh! and this is my new blog :) I'll subscribe to you ;)

  3. Thanks Jeni!! Yeah, I love that one too! When I saw it i really liked it and then I thought "huh... that's true!" And yay congrats on almost being out of school. We can make it!!!!!!

    Preston! Yay new blog!! I'm going to subscribe to yours ASAP! And yeah its going to be SO nice to be out of school, I'M having a hard time with it, I can only imagine you right now!! I loves you!! And... you can totally be Uncle Preston to our asian baby!!