Wednesday, April 21, 2010

6 months!!

Well lovelies, today is a special day!
Aric and I have officially been together for 6 months (unofficially for about a year, but that's a long not as scandalous as it sounds type of story.) I have to say in complete honesty, he's the best thing that's ever happened to me. I love him so much! So for tonight we went to a burrito bar we had been dying to try (we pretty much live on mexican food...) annnnnd it was FANTASTIC. I'm officially in love. The burritos we're GIANT. Like... the size of.... I don't know. Something really big. A toaster!! Okay, not really, but like... I can't even think of anything to compare it to right now. But they were like six or seven inches long and like four or five inches thick. Did I mention they were giant?? They were fantastic too, I shouldn't have finished mine (I regretted it later) but it was too good to leave. Anyway, then we went and got dessert at a bakery. It was super yummy. We didn't take a picture together tonight, which i regret, but... that's okay. At least it wasn't the 1 year mark. Anyway, how are you lovelies doing tonight?
Love you all, pumpkins!
(isn't he pretty???) 
xoxo, Ash 

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