Monday, April 19, 2010

I want an asian baby.

Okay, so... guys, this isn't going to be the post I wanted to make tonight, but I'm horribly disturbed by something we're talking about in class tonight. China's one child rule. Yeah. I think its so awful. I mean... I understand WHY they're doing it, but if you have more than one child you're fined HARDCORE and in some places they will not only pressure a woman pregnant with her second child, but force her to have an abortion. And evidently its illegal to tell them the gender of the baby (even the first) before the birth, however some people pay under the table to find out and if the baby is a girl they'll abort it. So... needless to say I'm so very glad I want to have an Asian baby. Aric and I have talked about it and we want to try for ourselves to have a girl (he wants a girl not a boy. yay!!!), and regardless of the first baby's gender we want to adopt an Asian baby girl. Okay, I'm done ranting now, but... I just needed to get that out. I think its such an awful thing, and I'm deeply disturbed and sad about this 30 minute video we're watching on the one child policy and male child preference. What do you guys think about this?

Hope you're all having a wonderful night! Sorry to bring all that unhappiness to my blog and your brains! I promise I'll be back tomorrow with a MUCH happier inspired post! 


  1. It's really sad when anyone - let alone an entire nation's gov't - puts the value of life in the cold realm of economics. When you talked about you and Aric wanting to adopt - especially adopting a girl - it made me happy! I say go for it!

  2. Thank you Bill!!! Yeah, I always wanted a little Asian girl anyway, and we had planned on it before as a "just in case" because we both want a girl and.... we wanted to make sure we got at least one haha, but after watching that I know that even if I do have a girl, I'm going to adopt a little Chinese girl--especially after I found out people will abort female babies so they can "try again" to have a boy. So yes, I WILL have a little Chinese daughter!! In fact I just informed my mother she was going to have an asian granddaughter haha she was all for it though!!