Monday, April 26, 2010

Just f.y.i. guys, I am in fact still alive. This week just happens to be finals week for me so... yeah, I'm kinda out of commission, but I'm still reading everyone's blogs! (yay!) I have to have my 5 page comic finished by wednesday night-- that's really my biggest project right now, so its what I'm the most worried about currently. I'm going to be dyeing my hair tomorrow night though, so at least I know I'll be stuck in my house for at least 3 hours so... hopefully I can get it done then. Oh boy. 

This weekend I'm visiting my dad and step mom in GA. Yay! I wish I was staying long enough to get a chance to get a little shopping in but... I'm not. Boo :'( Oh well... better luck next time I suppose. 

Anyway, time to post some inspirations! 

(as usual all imaged via weheartit  )

What inspires you right now lovelies?

Love you pumpkins! 


  1. wow amazing pics
    you have a great blog
    i love it