Sunday, April 25, 2010

I did something kinda dumb. See, yesterday instead of getting to go vintage-ing like we had planned, Aric and I ended up helping my dad rip the jacuzzi that was on our back porch out (when the deck was built, it was built IN to the deck), chop it into pieces and then haul it to the dump in Aric's truck. By the time we were done we just barely had time to change and make it to the show I had promised to take pictures for. 

So flash forward a few hours after the show, talk-back, and photo-call, and Aric are on our way hoping to get to the antique stores before they close at 6. It's now 5. So anyway, we stop in a vintage clothing store first because I wanted to know if they're hiring and I end up looking at clothes. Well, as I'm looking I find a Gunne Sax like..... caftan maxi dress in just my size for $35. Yeah. See, this is more of an event than it sounds because I have a 29"-30" waist and a 40" bust. See the problem? Dresses like that don't really exist. Especially not a dress from the 70s. 

So anyway, I remember I only have $28 in my checking account and that i would need to move money to get the dress, so what do I do? I walk right out of that store without even trying the dress on. So now all I can think about it that stupid dress. (Just so we're clear Gunne Sax is my favorite vintage brand and I've been coveting dresses all year.) And OF COURSE that store is closed on Sundays and is only open from 10am-6pm which does NOT work with my schedule. So this obsession is getting so bad that I'm thinking about moving the money and marching my bum right down to that store on monday instead of working two hours and trying on/hopefully buying that dress. 

I hate when this happens, don't you??


  1. Isn't that just... setting priorities? Also doesn't that work perfectly with your "Life's an adventure" philosophy?

  2. If you want me to pick up the dress for you and you can pay me back, I could probably do that :) Just let me know sista ;) Lovelovelovelove

  3. Aww Preston you're so sweet! I think I'm going to wait to get it though, I really desperately need to buy hair color, so I figure I'll wait and if its still there by the time I have the money (and it fits) its meant to be!

  4. I hope the dress is still there and it fits.
    I was thankful I tried on a skirt before I bought it at a thrift( this weekend). I would have bought it thinking it was my size. I loved it --pretty polka dots-:D

  5. Aw I've done that before!! But... the not trying it on part. I actually just did that with an awesome cowboy belt that... I DID try on. I'm not entirely sure how it happened, but at the store it made a perfect waist belt and then I got it home and it was giant. Go figure!! Sorry the skirt wasn't your size though!! That's a bummer! :(