Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weekend recap!

My mom is pretty darn cute, just thought you should all know.

Okay, so anyway, my weekend was... well... not long enough!! Aric was sick, so that was sad, but
I spent time with mom, which was nice!I got a bunch of new colorful tights from walmart. YAY! I love tights... I'm on the lookoutfor more, so if anyone knows a good place to get tights let me know!! We're still rehearsing for our show, which is exciting, but its coming up so fast!! (The show opens next week.) Its a whooooole lot of fun, but super tiring. It makes me look forward to the weekend. Like I am now. I'm very tired right now. Yes, yes I am. I would love to take a nap, but... I have class in an hour. Dangit. Anyway, I'm watching paranormal state right now, and I'm all snuggly and stuff, so I'm going to go try to rest before I have to go to class. I'll post later, I don't know if it will be tonight or tomorrow, but I'll post again with things that inspire me. 

Bye pumpkins! 


  1. :O Glad to hear you're fine, gopefully you can rest a bit soon, tho :P Sorry I haven't commented lately, my old comp died so I lost the adress > >;

  2. The fancy Macy's downtown has almost every color of HUE tights imaginable. The American Apparel round the block from me also has a large selection, im sure they have them all online.