Monday, October 12, 2009

She's not alone down there.

Today I have callbacks for the part of Aunt March in the play Little Women. 
I'm exhausted, not really sure how I'm going to get through this one... 
I need coffee. 
However, callbacks are at 8:30pm so I'm not sure that's the best idea. 
But...I might do it anyway. 
The weather was beautiful today. 
Well... I mean that in the sense that it was cold and cloudy and windy. 
I desperately need sleep and need to create
But unfortunately that will have to wait. 
I want to put on crazy makeup and take dark artsy photographs.
I feel the need to go on an adventure
I want to explore and find new things. 
I'm starting to think that's how I'm seeing life in general
I need to explore and find new things. 
I am incomplete. 

Goodnight Pumpkins.
I missed you this weekend. 
I hope all is well with you. 

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