Wednesday, October 7, 2009

...but why will you say I'm mad?

I woke up with a strange case of melancholia this morning. 
All I wanted to do was nap and read and drink tea and take strange photos. 
Alas, school called and I needed to answer. 
The one bright portion of school was having 20 minutes of my anatomy class outside, during which a fuzzy caterpillar managed to attach itself to the back of my neck. 
It was rather curious. 

I want:
Tea, sweaters, scarves, hand holding, spiders, candles, candy apples, red and orange leaves, and outside naps. 

On Friday I'm going thrift-store shopping, poetry hearing, and photo taking with a best friend, so that should be fun. Hopefully I'll have something fun to post then. I would write more, but I'm far too tired at the moment to think of be artsy. 

The end. 

Goodnight Pumpkins! Sorry no fun halloweeny pictures today, tomorrow will be better. 

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