Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Project goldfish hair + Beach night

Soooo, I'm back from the grave. 
I've officially gotten the worst of the wisdom teeth adventure over with, and I'm up and at it again. Yay! 

Last night Aric took me to Mccormick and Schmick for their "happy hour" (fish tacos for $3.50 say whaaat?) which I was mostly able to eat. I was a happy camper. I'm a California-born girl, fish tacos = love. After our little date we drove down to the beach but... we ended up getting chased out by a HUGE lightning storm about 30 minutes after we got out of the car, which was parked on the roof of the parking garage waaay away from the elevator. Scary... 

So on to the photodump! 

 foggy oceany glory. 
 king neptune himself. 
 more yummy foggy night. 
early 80s cover band. i was sad i knew all the songs >.< 

On to the goldfish hair!! 

Okay sooo I did something new today, I went into Sally's and bought hair color and developer and did it myself without a box and it turned out awesome!! Yay I'm proud of myself! (I know, not a big deal but I've been too afraid I would screw it up to try until now.)

So this recent wave of everyone in the world having pretty cool toned red hair has made me sad because.. that was my trademark for yearssss so I've switched to bright orangeish! 

Boring faded natural brown red (can you tell I had given up?)

Pretty goldfish hair!! (Its waaay brighter than this in person...)

But yay I love it! Thats about it for now! 

How are you lovelies??
Bye for now pumpkins!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

In which I discover I'm allergic to codeine.

Yes folks, true story. 
I, Ash, am allergic to codeine. 
How did I find this out?

Well after a day of being on the junk to distract my body from the fact that I now had 4 missing teeth I found myself "praying to the porcelain gods". Not a fan. Not at all. So after a "well... maybe it was something I ate" and repeating the process after taking it again I switched to Advil. TMI? Perhaps but... too bad. I'm currently very sad I'm on Advil because a) its not making me tired and... I want to go to sleep and b) it doesn't relieve the pain quite as well, so not only does my mouth hurt, but now it itches from the stitches. Ick ick ick. 

Ah well! On the bright side I have most definitely caught up on my sleep, I've watched quite a bit of HGTV, the only bruises I've managed to accumulate in the past 72 hours have been on my face from the surgery (I think that's a record, by the way), and I'm pretty sure I've lost 5lbs. 

I'm going to attempt to venture out in public tomorrow with mom to go get some applesauce, but... we'll see. One side of my face is very swollen so it'll depend on how much my cabin fever outweighs my vanity. Maybe if I wear big sunglasses no one will notice... hmm... something to think about. 

Once I'm not totally embarrassed about my giant chipmunk cheeks because the swelling has gone down I'll post a picture of them, but for now have a picture of Abby and I from easter. ( I don't THINK I posted this yet, but if I have... sorry!!)


Monday, May 16, 2011

Strawberries and surgery

Whew! Oh hey look I exist again! 
Bye Bye Birdy is OVER folks. Praise the Lord. No, but for real, I'm so grateful to be sleeping on my normal schedule again. School is out (I forget if I mentioned that or not...) which means my life has consisted of cleaning, seeing the fiance as much as possible, hanging out with my mom, working out, and vegging out. Its been great. 

This past sunday was fun, we were out of strawberries at the house (OH THE HORROR!!) so Mommy sent Aric and I out to pick strawberries! 

So much fun! 

There were a lot of people there! Sadly including the rudest family I've ever encountered! The kids were brats and the dad nearly mowed me over as I tried to get out of his way when he wanted to leave. Lame. At least they were only there for the beginning of our adventure! 


My outfit was SUPER lame, so I'll spare you a full body shot and just give you the details. 
I wore: my fave black cardigan from cha cha vente, a grey v-neck f21 tshirt, skinny jeans rolled up into capris, and possibly my least favorite pair of flats. I wasn't going for cute, I was going for comfy haha. BUT, visible in this picture is my new fave necklace, a black acrylic cross (I'm like obsessed with cross jewelry right now). Its so unshiny its amazing. I call it my anti-bling. 

Oh! Right, so the surgery mentioned... I get my wisdom teeth out in the morning. Boo. :( I'm very non-excited about that one there. Meds make me super out of it, so I'm just hoping I'm so out of it I don't notice the pain. We're going to go with that one. At least I have Mommy, Aric, and my Tron DVD to keep me company and make me feel better! Maybe I'll post during my out of it stage haha that would be interesting. 

Anyway!!! Wish me luck!!

Love you kittens!!! 


Friday, May 6, 2011

Celebrate good times, come on.

Please excuse the title. I know it sucks, but I couldn't think of anything else. 

I sit here writing to you with a cup of hot coffee and a flannel shirt on. Its 51ºF right now, which is just bizarre for this time of year where I live. (I'm not complaining though, bring on the cold weather!) 

Last night Aric and I went out to celebrate college being officially over for him! Yay! We had every intention of just eating our whole meal at Empire, a tapas place in downtown, but.... we ended up restaurant hopping, which was waaay fun. I didn't get any picture of the first place because we were going to come back later to get him some Absinthe, but... we got tired. :/ Ah well... at Empire we got potstickers, bread with the butter of the day which was some super yummy garlic/brown sugar mixture, and chicken satay with saffron rice and peanut sauce. Sounds like a lot of food, I know, but... it wasn't. At all. But oh man it was yummy!! They had pumpkin sopapillas for dessert which I now regret not getting. Ah well, c'est la vie. 

For our main course we walked over to a local burritio place and got nachos! Yummmm! This is one of our favorite places ever, you can pick what you want on it like a lot of places now a days, but what makes them awesome is the fact that you can get saffron rice and that all their veggies are raw and crunchy! Just how I like them. Oh and their salsa is like "I want to die" hot, which is my fave. 

Yum yum yum!!

We fully intended on getting dessert but... we were stuffed, so we went and got coffee at a local coffee place, Bean There Cafe. By far one of my favorite places on earth. This is the site of the infamous poetry night we used to go to. Darn you schedules... :'( 

Aric got the "Downtowner" which is like... a hazelnut and toffeenut latte, he always gets half the amount of pumps though, which I totally approve of. I always forget to do that too. I got a nonfat (of course) "Little Red Corvette" which is... mocha and raspberry and something else I think. I forget. 

As we all know, I like to wear black. I've kinda gotten complacent with it though because of how everyone around me at school dresses (Light the lighter/brighter stuff at F21. Which for the record, I LOVE, but.. its just not me.) , but... I'm remedying that. I think summer will do me good. 
The shirt is a cute little puff sleeve thing I found at T.J. Maxx for like $7, the sweater is Cha Cha Vente found at Stein Mart on sale for all of $15. I'm addicted to this sweater, seriously. I wear it all the time, poor thing hangs out with the washer a lot. The skirt is from Express, also found on sale for... $12!!! Legging from Forever 21 and boots from Charlotte Russe for $25. Rosary is from a trip my Dad and Step Mom took to Italy a couple of years back. 

I've become obsessed with 90s goth outfits, so I'm sure you'll be seeing lots and lots of cross jewelry and all black from me in the future. I had minty clip ins which I've totally fallen in love with. They were my mom's blonde ones, but I died them and chopped them off. I'm like obsessed. It kinda makes me wish my hair was bleached so I could have a full head of mermaid hair. 

I know you can't tell in the picture, but I'm not short and oddly shaped, I'm in fact freakishly tall in heels... which... I had on. Strange how angles do that to a girl. 

looove this guy! 


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oh I exist. Who knew?

So. Its officially summer. Hallelujah. 
Seriously, this semester was RIDICULOUS. I felt like I never had time to breathe. It was pretty stupid. 
I'm not completely let loose though, I have one more weekend worth of being a spot light operator. I have to admit though, that part is kinda fun. I could do that for a living. Weird. 

I'm also kinda jobless right now. I left the shop because... well as much as I loved that job, lets face it I never had free time and seeing as how I'm going to be married in a few months I'm going to need some time to be a wife. So, I'm on the hunt for something new and preferably on campus. 

I do kinda have a job though, its just only two months long, but I'll be teaching kids Improvisation for a month at theatre camp, and then teaching studio art at an animation camp. I'm excited about that! 

Aric is done with school after the class he's in right now!! I'm so excited and so proud of him! Yay! A college graduate! <3 <3 <3 (For those of you who don't know, I graduate in a year.) 

We're going out to celebrate tonight, so I'm sure I'll have fun pictures and stories for you tomorrow! 

I think thats it for now. I just felt the need to catch everyone up on my life so I don't post tomorrow about dinner and clothing and have it be all so random. 

Here, have a couple pictures from easter. 

And yes, I chopped my hair off again! And... its more red than it is in the pictures. What's new. I'm addicted to hair color according to Aric. I'm beginning to think he's right. I think I belong on TLC's My Strange Addiction.