Thursday, August 5, 2010

Traveling Adventures: Boston Edition

Hey guys! 

I am updating my blog from the cuddly comfort of a hotel bed in Boston!! And boy is this a comfy bed.... I wish I could take it with me! At least the comforter. It's one of those giant fluffy ones that make you feel like you're sleeping in a marshmallow. Love. 

So mom and I rolled into town on Tuesday afternoon and sadly we're leaving today after a late breakfast. I'm kinda sad because I really like this place. I definitely want to come back. 

So yesterday we walked forever (okay just 5 hours, but still....) and then came back to the hotel and napped (yay naps!) and then got dressed and went out for a seafood dinner, and since I'm a "veggaquarium" as I like to say, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. We walked around for a bit and went shopping at Filene's Basement and Marshalls. SO much fun oh my. Mom ended up with two sweaters and I ended up with a black lace hoodie and a pair of pretty awesome black boots. Theeeen we went to a place called "Finale" for dessert. That was my second time in two days going there.... you think I liked it? Yeah. 

So we're getting ready to leave now (off to salem!) but I thought I'd leave you with some photos! 

talk about a room with a view... do I
HAVE to leave???

My mom is pretty cute. :) 


SWAN!!!!!!! I got way too excited about that. 
Now and when it happened. 

Okay, well I'm off to get dressed! I'm going to brave the heat and be difficult and wear that black lace hoodie anyway. 

Have you guys traveled anywhere fun lately??



  1. Man looks like so much fun. You really did have an awesome view!!

  2. I recently went to Tim Burton exhibition and it was out of this world! =D

    PS: Love your heart sunglasses! Gorgeous.