Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I'm now on day 2 of school and working in the costume shop. So far it's going well. Its super busy. Like "ohmygoshidonthavesparetime" type of busy. Yesterday I got here at 9am, left school at 4pm, and had to come back to audition at 8. Today I got here at 8:30am, I'm in the Theatre town hall meeting, I have class until 1:30, I go work from 1:30-3:30 I have class from 3:30-4:50 and then I have a callback from 5-7pm. Oh my goodness. So tired. 

I don't want to be cast by the way. I'm going to go to call backs anyway though. Maybe I'm crazy? I don't know. But I'm doing it anway. 

My hips hurt. Ew. 

Here, have a picture from when my friend Ashley and I broke into an abandoned school and Nancy Drew'd it around the building. 

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