Friday, June 4, 2010

Okay... so I'm sorry guys. 
I've been the worst blogger ever, for reals. I haven't legitimately posted in like two and a half weeks. That's pretty lame. IN MY DEFENSE (a.k.a my lame excuse is...) I've been looking for a job like a madwoman, working on my creative writing course for college, doing 4 hours of yoga a week, hooping, and learning the scary parts of excel. So... at least I've been busy and I can't tell you I've been getting fat on the couch. 

SO, fun news, my mom is planning a wedding right now and we're working on a pretty cool d.i.y. project right now that includes going to the dump, spray paint, and lots and lots of glitter. Yeah, enough said. So, you know what that means! Pictures soon!! Also very soon you will have two super yummy cookie recipes (one is my very own made up super secret special yumtacular recipe!), and hopefully two more tutorials! Annnnnd... I think I might post some hair tutorials because I just found a way to crimp and wave my hair without any heat products! Seriously... it was so common-sense but it took me until now to think of it, so maybe you haven't either. 

What have you guys been up to?? I've missed you all!!!

Alright, its time for a goth girl to go climb through some garbage. 

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