Monday, June 14, 2010

Hair troubles/D.I.Y. super easy fairy tale room.

Hey guys, I have some pretty cool bews. 
So, I've been hired at Joanne fabrics and I'm also going to be a teacher at an animation camp starting next monday. I'm pretty excited. I was worrid that I wasn't going to make any money this summer and I wanted to make as much as possible because I'm going to Japan in OCctober. yya! And.... I love japan. Seriously, favorite country ever. Right now I have about $200 sitting in the bannk for the trip, but.... I was stupid and dyed my hair too dark (remmeber that?) and now I've dyed my hair like... red brown and I am NOT a fan. I think I'm going to go to a salon and have them make it the pretty bright bright red again. I'm suffering like this!!! Okay... that was a bit over dramatic, but I don't feel like me lets say. So... I think I'm willing to sacrifice $60 or so for my hair. But... i need to get my hair trimmed too because its growing long and I don't want it to all be damaged, so maybe it will be a little more than that. Boo. Oh well, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right? 

SO, right, on to the really easy D.I.Y. project that has made my room pretty magical. 

Okay, so remember my room before?

well here it is after!!!!!

I love it. And it was so easy. 

Okay, so here's how to get the tree-look for WAY less than you can buy them. 
Ready? Here's my secret:

Go find tree limbs. 
Wash them off. (Just hose them down) 
Spray paint them white (if you want)
Add glitter (optional)
and enjoy!!!!!

I feel like I just wrote a poem. I should try to make that into a haiku. Haiku haiku haiku. Isn't that a great word?

So... yeah... super easy, super fun. Love it. I'm enjoying it so much right now, it makes my room feel like a fairy tale. I have christmas ornaments on my ceiling, so I took a few down and put them on the trees and then added some fake birds from Christmas time at Michael's. And hey, don't worry if you spray paint them all and they're not the same color, mine are all different, but that's what makes them so pretty in real life!! 

Bye bye for now lovelies, I have a MAC interview today to be a freelance artist so... I need to go fix my face. Oh boy.... haha lets cross our fingers for this job!!! 

I'll post again soon, probably a cookie recipe or something fun for you :)



  1. Which Joanne Fabric do you work at? I will be going there again soon to buy fabric. & I love the tree branch decor!

  2. Well unfortunately the joannes thing fell through, so I'm working at the costume shop at school now!

  3. Yay! Still a pretty awesome job.