Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hey guys!
It's been a wild week. I have an interview with MAC today! I was supposed to have one on Monday, but the manager had to go home sick. Poor thing! Soo... it's been rescheduled for today. I'm nervous a little, but not nearly as bad as on Monday. I was panicking on Monday haha it was bad. 

I got my hair done yesterday. When I tried to dye my pinkish red purple it came out this nasty muddy dark brown red, and I was okay with it, but then we dyed my hair a light natural red which was fine but then I tried to fix it by putting the pink over it which kinda worked, but it was pretty dark and then it faded. (Can you tell I like to dye my hair?) So I went in yesterday and had my mom's hair stylist fix my hair. I don't have a picture yet, but its so much better. She bleached my roots and dyed it bright bright red, and I like it a lot. The ends of my hair are still kinda dark, but its pretty. Next time i go though (probably before the japan trip!) I'm going to see if she can pre-lighten the rest of my hair, and I might just go pinker. Yay! 

Poor Aric has tonsillitis. How sucky is that? He doesn't have to have them out though, which is good because I've heard that's really rough for adults. Oh boy. So lets just hope he doesn't get this again or he'll have to! Poor boy... its kinda hard not being able to live with him because I want to be able to take care of him 24/7 when he's sick and... I can't. Oh well, soon enough, soon enough. :) 

I came across this picture the other day and thought it was cute. 
Aric was teaching me how to make enchiladas. I'm pretty sure he won't marry me until I've mastered mexican cooking.
We put green peppers in them. Yum!

So animation camp starts on Monday, and we have a parent/teacher conference thing on thursday. I don't even know what I'm teaching yet!! I find out tomorrow before the conference hah we're all going out to dinner, it should be fun! I'm excited.

This weekend my mom and I are going adventuring, I'm not really sure where we're going yet but.... I'll tell you when I know haha.

Are you guys doing anything fun this weekend??


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