Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stress eating.

Lets talk about stress-eating. 
I used to be a huuuuge stress eater, but I've really gotten out of the habit, now I'm more of a stress-non-eater, but last night, I'm not going to lie, I wanted some comfort food. 

Mmmmmmmm boca burger and veggie pasta kraft mac-n-cheese with a peanut butter frozen mocha from my favorite coffee shop in the world, Cafe Moka. For those of you who don't know the joys of Moka.... I'm so sorry. I realize I probably could have done much, much worse on my stress-eating, but... whatever. I still feel like I did something bad haha but not as bad as normal!! 

Yesterday was a long, stressful day. 
I woke up at 5:30am to see that I had a text from my dad that my mom was in the hospital. She had been throwing up for days, but we all thought it was just a stomach virus, but thankfully she decided to go to the e.r. late that night because it turns out it was kidney infections. Yikes! After phone calls, a shower, a little makeup, and a pit stop to grab a few things from her house and give one of the cats some medicine, I was at the hospital by 7, grabbed a muffin and a chai latte from their coffee place, and hung out with her  there until 2:30, when I had to leave to go to the one class that I couldn't miss. After class they discharged her, so I picked her up and took her back home. She's feeling a lot better thankfully, but they're not sure what caused it yet, but we should know in the next few days. Whew! 

In other news, combat class is kicking my butt. But I love it. So much fun! We've learned all sorts of different punches, falls, a forward roll, and a dive roll. I love it! I think forward rolls and dive rolls are my favorite things so far. People are calling me a ninja, it makes me happy.

Guess that's it for now! 

How is your week going kittens?


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