Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Meet Tsouki! 

Tsouki is the new addition to the Arends family! He is our first "on our own" kitty! He's a GIANT 7 month old snuggle bug. He likes to follow us around (read- be glued to us constantly. aka as I write this he has moved from my lap to the couch not more than two feet behind me.) and he's super sweet with a teensy mischievous streak! 

I know you're probably wondering about his name. Its funny how it worked out, we had a friend over last night and she was asking about his name and didn't know how we spelled it and asked if we named him that because Tsuki (minus the "o") is the Japanese word for moon and we adopted him on the Lunar New Year. Actually, we didn't, but I like how that worked out! Yay coincidences! We actually named him after Giorgio Tsoukalos from the History Channel show "Ancient Aliens"(aka our favorite tv show). So technically Tsouki's full name is Tsoukalos, but... I think Tsouki sounds so much cuter! 

Tsouki is super friendly and super curious. Its fun to watch him explore his new home. I think he's just so excited to be out of the creepy sound-proof cage we found him in at the animal shelter and that makes everything seem like a palace.

Last night we had a few friends over for Chinese New Year, we made Asian food and ate Hello Panda (my fave), and fruit gellies. And talked about Asian things. And Tsouki. He had fun meeting new friends and getting petted! 

I suppose that's it for now...today is my long day at school. I have one class and then work from 10:30-5. So... I don't really have that much to say about it thats exciting haha. Today is contemporary trends class, which is fun because we really get to examine our aesthetics. Its a lot of fun! 

Well, bye for now!! 


(and Tsouki)


  1. I think Tsouki should get married. If you're looking for a wife for him, I've got options...