Monday, June 27, 2011

C.A.M.P. week 1//Furniture shopping

So last week was week one of camp. 
It was super fun, I love all my kids. I'm going to miss them in two weeks when this is over.... 
Buuuuut then I have two weeks of animation camp to take my mind off it.
I seriously never thought I would be teaching, much less teaching children. Weird. 
I have to say the time kinda flies by since I have camp all day and then come home and have like 3 hours before I go to bed. Its strange. 

Aric and I got some furniture this weekend~ 
We got a mattress which I'll spare you pictures of because... well.... its a mattress. But yeah that was exciting. We also got a bed frame because as of right now we're going to do one of those just a box spring, mattress, and frame but with cool art as a headboard thingies. (Which I'm excited about!) So once we get that figured out I'll share pictures. We do already have our bedspread though, its white with ruffles I think its the "Shabby Chic" brand, we're going to pile the bed with black and grey (and maybe some red) pillows. I love pillows... 

We also got a dining room table! This is super exciting because its going to be serving as dining room table/desk since we have a two bedroom and need a studio space more than a living room/dining room. Yay! We got it at world marked (my fave!) for like... $189 because it normally has leafs to extend it but it didnt have them. Like we care... haha the table is kinda farmhouse-y which is exciting. I'm not entirely sure what our style is going to be. Kinda like rustic goth. Or... something like that. 

I can't find it online or I would share a picture. I'll take a picture once its like set up. Its a nice antique wood with like strange "x" shaped base. I loooove it. Now we just need chairs.... hum. 

What did you do this weekend lovelies? Off to get ready for camp! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nose rings, kitty cats, and wedding plans.

Well hello kittens!

I want you to know that just now I wrote "wello". Obviously I need more coffee. (Worry not for I am consuming my body weight in coffee as we speak. Or... as I write and you read. Whatever.)

I'm not really sure why I haven't blogged in so long, I've been sitting here with nothing but time to do stuff like that and I haven't done it. (Lame.) Maybe because I haven't done much of adventuring to speak of lately. 

As for the exciting things, I changed my nose jewelry (that sounds so gross. ew.), so now instead of a stud I am wearing a hoop! This is kinda a big deal because I've only worn a hoop one other time, and by one other time I mean for like 7 hours because... well... i panicked when it wouldn't go in and just kinda shoved it in and it started bleeding/hurting and I put my stud back in. But I managed to avoid all of that and I am now looooooving my hoop!! I'm seriously considering getting a little gold hoop instead of a diamond-y stud for the wedding.... hmmm.... what do you think?

In other exciting news I made my cat a facebook page. Yes. I did. Like an account, not a fan page. I mean who couldn't love this fluffly little face?? She needed to be shared with the interwebs. 
So sweeeeet. Oh my gosh I love her. 

Moving on! Wedding plans are going well! I can't believe its almost here! I think its super going to hit me once we're into August which is just going to happen all of a sudden because of my camp schedule. Weeeeeird. But good weird. We're getting everything nailed down right now, which is so fun and exciting! Oh! And we have an apartment!! Its so cute. He moves in on September 10th, and I'll move in after the wedding. 

Oh! You know what I totally lied about not adventuring.... but.... I'll write about that in another post! Which... I might write right now.  

Bye bye kittens!! 


Friday, June 3, 2011

Sunsets and orangey floof.

A few days I got a chance to spend some time with one of my favorite people, 
Ashley Fielden, owner of A Global Walk Photography (that link will send you to her blog, which is TOTALLY worth seeing!!). If you're a long time reader you might remember her from that one time when we broke into an elementary school. If not go check it out, it was pretty cool. 

This is my second time seeing her since she got back from her epic 7 month (i think!) multi-country trip! So what did we do? Snagged some chik-fil-a, sat in starbucks talking about all things art, music, and love, and then went on a mini tasty-sunlight-induced-photojaunt! My fave! 

 Mmmm!! Soup and passion tea for me! 

Prettiest girl ever. Juuust saying.  

I stole this one from Ashley, she definitely took it, not me, but... orangey floof! Yay! 

Today's day consist of an early morning coffee date with the lovely Tianna, a meeting about summer camp (I'm teaching! I don't remember if I said that before or not...), step aerobics (always. I'm obsessed.), laundry, and hopefully going to the poetry/open mic night.