Monday, June 27, 2011

C.A.M.P. week 1//Furniture shopping

So last week was week one of camp. 
It was super fun, I love all my kids. I'm going to miss them in two weeks when this is over.... 
Buuuuut then I have two weeks of animation camp to take my mind off it.
I seriously never thought I would be teaching, much less teaching children. Weird. 
I have to say the time kinda flies by since I have camp all day and then come home and have like 3 hours before I go to bed. Its strange. 

Aric and I got some furniture this weekend~ 
We got a mattress which I'll spare you pictures of because... well.... its a mattress. But yeah that was exciting. We also got a bed frame because as of right now we're going to do one of those just a box spring, mattress, and frame but with cool art as a headboard thingies. (Which I'm excited about!) So once we get that figured out I'll share pictures. We do already have our bedspread though, its white with ruffles I think its the "Shabby Chic" brand, we're going to pile the bed with black and grey (and maybe some red) pillows. I love pillows... 

We also got a dining room table! This is super exciting because its going to be serving as dining room table/desk since we have a two bedroom and need a studio space more than a living room/dining room. Yay! We got it at world marked (my fave!) for like... $189 because it normally has leafs to extend it but it didnt have them. Like we care... haha the table is kinda farmhouse-y which is exciting. I'm not entirely sure what our style is going to be. Kinda like rustic goth. Or... something like that. 

I can't find it online or I would share a picture. I'll take a picture once its like set up. Its a nice antique wood with like strange "x" shaped base. I loooove it. Now we just need chairs.... hum. 

What did you do this weekend lovelies? Off to get ready for camp! 

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