Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nose rings, kitty cats, and wedding plans.

Well hello kittens!

I want you to know that just now I wrote "wello". Obviously I need more coffee. (Worry not for I am consuming my body weight in coffee as we speak. Or... as I write and you read. Whatever.)

I'm not really sure why I haven't blogged in so long, I've been sitting here with nothing but time to do stuff like that and I haven't done it. (Lame.) Maybe because I haven't done much of adventuring to speak of lately. 

As for the exciting things, I changed my nose jewelry (that sounds so gross. ew.), so now instead of a stud I am wearing a hoop! This is kinda a big deal because I've only worn a hoop one other time, and by one other time I mean for like 7 hours because... well... i panicked when it wouldn't go in and just kinda shoved it in and it started bleeding/hurting and I put my stud back in. But I managed to avoid all of that and I am now looooooving my hoop!! I'm seriously considering getting a little gold hoop instead of a diamond-y stud for the wedding.... hmmm.... what do you think?

In other exciting news I made my cat a facebook page. Yes. I did. Like an account, not a fan page. I mean who couldn't love this fluffly little face?? She needed to be shared with the interwebs. 
So sweeeeet. Oh my gosh I love her. 

Moving on! Wedding plans are going well! I can't believe its almost here! I think its super going to hit me once we're into August which is just going to happen all of a sudden because of my camp schedule. Weeeeeird. But good weird. We're getting everything nailed down right now, which is so fun and exciting! Oh! And we have an apartment!! Its so cute. He moves in on September 10th, and I'll move in after the wedding. 

Oh! You know what I totally lied about not adventuring.... but.... I'll write about that in another post! Which... I might write right now.  

Bye bye kittens!! 


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