Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Long time no blog!

Well!! Its been a while, hasn't it?
I know I have a couple of new followers, so thank you!! 
I am officially married, have been for almost two months now (wow!). I can officially say I have the coolest husband ever! Lets see what else happened... well I got cast in a show that will be taking place in February, so I'm excited about that! 

Aric and I have moved into our apartment and everything is almost in the final spots, so I figured I'd give you a tour! 

The view from our balcony! So pretty! 

Our living room/dining room and christmas tree!



So yeah! The bathroom isn't overly exciting, so I decided to skip that... 
But there's our apartment! Its so cute, I love it! 

I have purple hair now! See?
Please ignore my random chubby cheek on the left side of this picture. I had an infection in my salivary glands and my face puffed up really bad. :'( Sad kitty... but its back to normal now! Yay! 

I guess thats it for now! 

I'll post wedding photos soon! 


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  1. Im glad I didn't see this before. It wold've ruined the shock I had on Saturday. Sooo pretty. Im jellies of pictures...